Welcome to, firstly I should say thank you for visiting, secondly, I should point out that i’m not ACTUALLY as narcissistic as my self titled website makes me sound! I am so happy to finally launch this site, and give you all an insight into my overcrowded, premature-mid-life-crisisy brain. 

I’ve very recently started to work with charities, companies, and press to talk openly about disability, being disabled and the problems, obstacles (and awesome experiences!) that all disabled people face on a daily basis. 

As a business owner (G5 Lifestyle and someone who genuinely can’t say no to a trip away or an event, I travel regularly and meet all kinds of people from all over the world. As a music lover I regularly attend festivals and gigs, and as a wife, I do all kinds of amazing wifely/home maker things. I’m not saying that I am expert in any of these fields, BUT, I will aim to provide an insight into my world, sharing stories (mostly embarrassing) about all of the above. 

Should you need further information, or if you just want to say hi, please email me on or catch me on social media!